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This is one of the most Exquisite Faucets I have ever seen! As you can see, it has elegance beyond anything you will find in the stores. I do not know the age of this faucet, but based on the craftmanship and detail, I think it is an older faucet.

If it is not antique, then it is surely unique and considering the ornamental features, am confident that it is a very expensive faucet. We bought it for a designer home, but decided it was a bit much for the intended room decor. We paid alot of money for this, and hoping to send it off to a new home and recoup our investment. All the necessary parts are included for installation.

If it does not get opening bid, or to discuss possible purchase, please phone at number below.

Asking Price: $800 (Located in Topeka KS) or

Tim Zurawski 785-862-4747
Also have a list of used stuff for sale, ask for "Equip List"!