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Chair Lift

These hydraulic lifts were used in physical therapy, to lift patients up and into whirlpool. They can be used to lift about anything. One unit has a scale to weigh whatever you place on the chrome cross member. I used it to weigh boxes before shipment. Don't know the total capacity, never reached it!

Hydraulic Chair Lift. Don't have the chair, but the hydraulic unit works great. I have two of these. One has a scale, which I used to weigh boxes for shipping, and the other unit does not have a scale. Which I used as a camera boom. The cylinder "throw" is over 2 feet, but not past 3 feet. This can be used for a variety of work where a hydraulic cylinder is needed. Came out of a hospital, so units are clean and seals are good. They have quiet operation and work perfectly. You are bidding on the one without the scale (which is on the left, but cut off). I looks just like the one on the right, but again, doesn't have the scale.

Features foot pedal for up/down action. Lifts approx. 3 feet, which is the travel of the cylinder.

Approx Weight 125 lbs.
Asking Price $475 (without built in scale)
Asking Price $575 (with built in scale)
E-Mail tim@soccerstuff or Tim at 785-862-4747
Also have a list of used stuff for sale, ask for "Equip List"

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