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 Concession Trailer

Measures 7' x 7', this heavy duty steel concession trailer sports hinged awnings on three sides and an entrance door on the fourth. The trailer was manu. by a local machine shop and has less than 200 miles.

Once used by Coca Cola, it was used as an on site soda stand. I have rented it out and let it out to people who wanted to attend/vend an event, but did not want to mess with a tent of other type of temporary structure. Inside is empty except for electrical outlet.

Can be used for food because it has screens on hinges on two sides and awnings on three sides. Or just for selling souvenirs or brochure handouts etc.

Asking Price: $2850 (Located in Topeka KS) or Tim Zurawski 785-862-4747
Also have a list of used stuff for sale, ask for "Equip List"!

Need a 5 in 1 tool to fix this concession up? Hit link below.