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Shredded Money
(US Currency)

Real Money procured from the US Federal Government under license. Denominations include, 1 dollar bills, 5 dollar bills, 10, 20, 50's and 100 dollar bills that have gone through the Federal Monetary System and shredded.

There is no value for this product other than for novelty use. (I had to say that by law and by agreement)!

Great for Stocking Stuffers or impress someone by using some as fire place starter or packaging wrap. Thousands of uses. Just put your imagination to work>
Packed in a loosely filled box measuring 7" x 5" x 4 3/4"
Price is $18.67 each delivered UPS Cod.
Or save Cod charges and send
$9.95 plus $3.97 for shipping.
Send Check or Money Order for $13.92.
Volume Discounts Available. or Tim Zurawski 785-862-4747


To 5 in 1 - 18volt Tool